Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a Teaser....

Yes, this is just a quick example of the gorgeous views from our room at the B'n'B in Hermann, MO. When I get more time, I'll put up more shots!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's the Day!

Yay! As soon as we are done packing, we are on our way...... Lots of pictures to come later!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Night

Can't wait for this evening. Hubby, kids, and I are going to relax and watch several movies. Got some pizza, stuff for chocolate chip cookies, and 3 movies - been awhile since we've had a night like this. Gotta make the most of the rainy night!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Weeks!

In two weeks Todd and I will be at the B & B in Hermann, MO. Can't wait to get a few days away to relax together. Hopefully let loose some of the stress for him from work and me from dealing with my health stuff..... Check this out - where we will be staying.... Hermann Hill ...looks like paradise to me!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Few more pics

Can't leave out the guys!

American Idol Concert

We had an awesome time! It was the kids' first "big" concert. The Sprint Center is a great venue. Anyhow, we got there as they opened the doors, bought out souvenirs, played some guitar hero, and bought some snacks. Then we settled in to watch the concert. We weren't sure what to expect, but they started with Chikeze (#10), then went to the #9 person and so on. Each person got to sing 3 songs. Then after 5 had gone, those 5 did a group song. Then intermission. Morgan said something funny - when we were on our way to the restroom during intermission I asked her how she was liking the show. She said she was having a great time, but something must be wrong with her ears. She said she couldn't hear herself - LOL. I explained the "problem" to her. :-) After intermission we heard the last five go. David Archuleta got to sing 4 songs, and David Cook sang 5! He was fantastic. He started out in a Chiefs jersey! He said several of the songs I wanted to hear, such as Billie Jean, Hello etc. The finaly was a song with all the top 10. They sang Don't Stop the Music. Unfortunately, the music did stop... The show was wonderful and a great crowd. The lights, background stuff, the big screens, and how the singers would sometimes come up through the stage all made for a spectacular show.
We ran into a few people we know while there. We had a chance to talk for a bit after the concert. The night was gorgeous, so we took a walk to check out the Power & Light District. It was packed! Can't wait to go down there without the kids and get a better look around. We then went over where the singers were coming out to do autographs. What a zoo, but fun all the same. We got pics & autographs from Kristi Lee Cook, Brooke White, Jason Castro, David Archuleta, and David Cook. My pics of David Cook aren't the best - when he came by us, I realized I had run out of memory in the camera. So I quickly erased some earlier pics - by then he was already on the move. Oh well, it was great to just meet him and say hello.
I am so glad we decided to do this for the kids. It was a great way to start the Labor Day weekend.