Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great nights!

I know I should really post part 2 of our get-away, but I haven't downloaded pics yet, so I will jump ahead to what went on this weekend and then hopefully soon get got up with the other :-)

Saturday got to spend some time with some amazing gals! One of my friends is going through a divorce, but she is amazingly strong! I so admire her strength in the face of what she has had to deal with. I can't even imagine. We had a get together at her house and I think there was some healing going on there!!! Also got to meet someone new - had lots of fun getting to know her as well.

Tonight Todd and I (and some friends) participated in a Texas Hold em tourney that was a charity for autism awareness. We had a fabulous time at this event. They earned a good chunk of money for the organization. Again, got to meet some great people (Even had a former Chief's player at my table - Bill Moss). Then to just add sugar to the whole evening, my hubby got 2nd place in the tourney and brought home some $$!!! Yay, honey! (made up for all what I donated, hehehe).

Well, all in all - a terrific weekend!

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